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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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J Coffey Construction Ltd

Date of Board meeting:


Name of Report:

Annual Health & Safety Report 2008/2009


Alyn Tomkinson

Approved by (name of Executive

James Coffey

Presented by:

Alyn Tomkinson

Purpose of the report:
To provide the Board with the Annual Health & Safety Report for 2008/2009 Overview of Performance between April 2008 and April 2009
Action required:
Approval by the Board

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3

Standard Contents
Key Achievements
Policy Development and Implementation
Incident Reporting
Performance Indicators
Raising the Profile of Health and Safety
Co-operation and Co-ordination
Training and Competence
Health and Safety Objectives
Accident Summary
Prohibition Notice
Summary of Insurance Claims

Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009
Report No: 2

J Coffey Construction Ltd
Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009


The work to continually improve Health and Safety has grown in stature throughout the Company since the last reporting year. Generally awareness of Health & Safety has been raised further by the Employment of a Productive Health and Safety Advisor working along side the Health and Safety Manager to ensure compliance is met through Auditing, Documentation Evaluation, Investigation works, continual training, safety meetings and various safety bulletins, as well as filtering all Supervisors and Managers (In due course) through either the SSSTS (Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme) or the SMSTS (Site Managers Safety Training Scheme) which has enhanced the Health and Safety Culture throughout the Company.

The Health & Safety Manager and Team has continued the good work within the company to ensure that Site Managers meet their responsibilities, although in some areas this has met with some resistance with some managers still failing to complete weekly document returns. Most Managers have achieved carrying out risk assessments & reviews on existing risk assessments as well as producing Method Statements which in the past was lacking.


Key Achievements 2008/2009

Policy Development and Implementation

A key objective of the Health & Safety department for this year was to continue the development and implementation of health and safety policies across the company, integrating as far as possible already established systems to ensure minimal changes to working practices. The following guidance has been ratified and implemented:

 No Lone Working – Continued from Last Report.
 Young Persons Health & Safety Risk Assessment - Continued from Last Report.
 Implementation of the Health and Safety Action Plan – Within the new Health and Safety Manual.
 Implementation of a Worksafe Policy – Within the new Health and Safety Manual.
 The introduction of a New method Statement Proforma,
Diamond Drilling Check sheets, BROKK Daily/weekly check
sheets, Concrete-Screed pump check sheets, Plant issue
vouchers and the Health and Safety Observation Cards.

Health and Safety Annual Report 2008/2009
Report No: 2

J Coffey Construction Ltd
The following policy matters continue to be worked on from last year:  Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on the HSE
Management Standards for assessing Work Related Hand Arm
Vibration (HAVs).
 Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on the HSE
Management Standards for assessing Work Related Risk.
 Guidance for Managers & Team Leaders on Method
Statements and Risk Assessments.
 Manual Handling.
 Supervisors Training.
 Asbestos Awareness.
 Training in general.



The Health & Safety manual and individual site files continue to be updated and contain the following information:


HSE Leaflets/Guidance
Risk Assessment Guidance
Generic Risk Assessments
Minutes of Safety meetings...
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