Annual Cadets Camp

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Annual cadets camp in ‘Hanimaidhoo’
The purpose of this report is to define my experience of appearing the annual cadet’s camp in Hanimaidhoo, which was held in January of this year. This reports will illuminate you on specific events, communication facilities during the games and some of the social programs. As well as some opinion from myself for the future for the cadets camp. The Journey

It was 3rd January 2013, morning when we were started our journey by a speed boat. This cadet camp lasted four days with lots of interesting games. There were 50 students including myself and 10 teachers who were attended this camp. It took one hour ten minutes to reach our destination called Hanimaidhoo, an inhabited beautiful island located in H.DH. Atoll. There were lot of people who came to receive us. They were very polite and kind for us. They gave us welcome drinks with some traditional dance with Maldives most famous drum (Boduberu) group called ‘Harubee’. Next we went to our accommodation block by three Pickup. The house had three floor, top, middle, ground floor for teachers, boys and girls respectively. After that we went to take our breakfast in a café near our accommodation block. The café provided foods for the rest of the days we were there. The foods in that café was normally tasty and good except noodles they gave us in the last night we were there. Actually I hate noodles. Then we went to the beach by three pickups. We made a perfect place for camp by the help of all the students. We built tents for shelter and places for the games to take place. Every night after the dinner, they gave us time to use social network and to call our parents. Unfortunately there were only three computers to use in each floor. We, the boys shared computers for 30 minutes for each student to use.

The games
All the games were held on the beach. All the students...
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