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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
Spurlock, M. (Director). May 21, 2004. Super Size Me [Motion Picture]. United States. Kathbur Pictures. I will be using this movie for my research paper. It discusses a man named Morgan Spurlock, who uses himself as a guinea pig at McDonalds. He must eat McDonalds three times a day for thirty days. If the clerk asks him if he would like to super-size his meal, he has to say yes. Over the thirty days, Morgan has doctors who will be testing his health because he will not be exercising. The author’s information will be credible as it is a real documentary to show people what would happen if they were to eat at a fast food restaurant for thirty days and if they super-sized their meals.

Super-sizing meals should be stopped because it has a negative effect on an individual’s health. This movie discusses that, because of the legal law suits that McDonalds has faced due to selling unhealthy choices. It was decided by the court that the plaintiffs would have a claim “only if they could prove that eating the food every day for every meal is dangerous.” The solution is to educate society on the effect that fast food has on an individual’s body.

This movie indicates that eating fast food on a regular basis will lead to medical problems. This idea can be used in the introduction of my research paper, where I discuss how super-sizing is becoming a problem in today’s society. Murphy. J. (June 2002). The Super-sizing of America: Are Fast Food Chains to Blame for the Nation's Obesity?. Retrieved from: After reading it, you learn whether or not fast food chains are to blame for the nation’s obesity epidemic. It provides statistics, such as “One American Medical Association study estimates that 300,000 Americans die each year from obesity-related causes such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke,” and “Obesity levels are sky-rocketing despite the fact that...
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