Annotated Review of Literature

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  • Published : January 12, 2011
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Annotated Review of Literature

Annotated Review of Literature to Support how Differentiated Instruction Workshops can Improve Instruction Hawkins, V. (2009). Barriers to implementing differentiation: Lack of confidence, efficacy and perseverance. The New England Reading Association Journal, 44(2), 11-16. Retrieved from Education Full Text database. Annotation: In this article, Hawkins exposes three major reasons why implementing differentiated instruction (DI) if a difficult task for most teachers. Hawkins states that districts advocate for professional development of DI as a reactive response to current data trends in education. The goal of this article is to provide classroom teachers with the necessary skills to be able to implement DI into their curriculum. The researcher found that a lack of teacher confidence, lack of teacher efficacy, and a lack of perseverance are three factors in which teachers most often struggle with when trying to differentiate lessons. Support for Project: This article gives important information for teachers on how to overcome the barriers of implementing effective DI into their curriculum. So many of us face the same problems when trying to differentiate our lessons, therefore, it is important for teachers to understand how to overcome these barriers and also to understand that they are not alone in this daunting task. Hawkins goes on to describe each barrier in detail to help teachers overcome them so they can become effective DI instructors. Tomlinson, Carol Ann. Carol Ann Tomlinson explains how differentiated instruction works and why we need it now. Making A Difference, September 2007. Annotation: In this article, Carol Ann Tomlinson, who is a leader in the field of education on Differentiated Instruction, explains what DI is, why it is so important in education today, as well as in the future, and the characteristics of an effective differentiated classroom. Tomlinson also reviews some key points that teachers need to think...