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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Annotated catalogue

‘Development of screen persona; Rachel Mcadams’/‘the American sweetheart’

Focus films;
‘The notebook’ (Nick cassavetes) (2004)
This is my focus film;
I have chosen this as my focus film because the character traits that Rachel Mcadams performed displays the trademark character traits she goes on to be known for. The character traits consist of:

* Sweet
* kind natured
* soft spoken
* feminine mannerisms
* Beautiful appearance

Support films
‘The vow’ (Michael Sucsy) (2012)
This is my support film because the character Rachel Mcadams plays ‘Paige’ is again very similar; again Mcadams plays the heroin in distress as she loses her memory, the sweet vulnerability is the tether between my focus film and this film. This film really portrays the trademark trend of character traits that Rachel Mcadams is known for.

‘The time traveler’s wife’ (Robert Schwentke) (2009)
This film also supports the ‘american sweetheart’ trend as Mcadams plays the co-lead role. Mcadams again is shown to be a sweetheart as her character battles with the challenge of living her life with an absent husband. Mcadams portrays the ‘in love’ stereotype as she fights for her relationship. This film links to the other films chosen as it portrays Rachel Mcadams in yet again the ‘good’ role.

The notebook;

The vow;

the time travelers wife;

Trailers –time travelers wife...
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