Annotated Bilbiography

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Various Sources

1. Author Unknown. (2010) Case Study 6: Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre ~ “Stay the Sustainable Way!” Canmore, Canada. The Natural Step. Accessed 10th April 2013 (

This is a Case Study which talks about Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre and how they “Stay the Sustainable Way!” The case study was undergone by an organisation called The Natural Step and is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to education, advisory work and research in sustainable development. The particular Radisson hotel they are talking about in this case study is in Canada and I found it quite interesting as I have chosen to write my essay about the tourist destination Denerau Island in Fiji as it is an area that I have visited frequently on holidays and have experienced firsthand different ways in which particular hotels in that area practice sustainable tourism. One hotel in particular which I have stayed at is the Radisson Hotel so this case study was useful to see if there are various area of sustainable tourism which are similar even though the same chain of hotel is in different parts of the world. What I found most interesting in the case study was a ‘Radisson hotel action plan”, this action plan listed various actions such as research and development, education ,waste reduction, policies and product, and different ways in which they were going to implement sustainable actions throughout the whole hotel both short term and long term through suppliers, customers, staff, product etc. It was interesting to see the similarities in what I have seen on the action plan for a resort in Canada and what I have experienced as a guest at a resort in Fiji. This makes this case study extremely relevant to use when researching for my essay.

2. Dodds, Rachel; Graci, Sonya 2012, Sustainable Tourism in Island Destinations, e-book, accessed 10 April 2013,...
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