Annotated Bibliography: Tragedy after Winning the Lottery

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography
Topic: Tragedy after Winning the Lottery
Emory McClard

Nisslé, Sonja, and Tom Bschor. "Winning The Jackpot And Depression: Money Cannot Buy Happiness." International Journal Of Psychiatry In Clinical Practice 6.3 (2002): 183-186. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 Jan. 2012.

In the article, Bschor and Nisslé claim that desirable or positive life events might influence the course of a psychiatric illness, just as the negative do. The authors discuss how winning the lottery developed the depression of two patients, how hitting the jackpot made them consider suicide, and how receiving over one million dollars has only affected their life negatively. Bschor and Nisslé go into a discussion involving ideas about how a positive desired event has hidden risks behind the newly won possibilities, which caused the outbreak in these two cases. Both cases recorded marriage problems, family conflicts, and financial difficulties. Suicidal thoughts were present because both patients felt a sense of guilt and inferiority. Bschor and Nisslé are organized, knowledgeable, and very clear about their key points.

Annin, Peter. "Big Money, Big Trouble." Newsweek 133.16 (1999): 59. Academic Search Premier. Web. 27 Jan. 2012.

In this article, Annin states that “big money brings big problems.” He discusses multiple negative outcomes from a particular case in 1998 such as friends no longer speaking to the jackpot winner, the new found millionaire being banned from particular areas, and former friends filing for law suits against him. Annin discussed further about how the lottery winner has gone into hiding by removing his telephone number from the phone book, buying a shredder for unwanted mail, and doing his from inside his home. Annin is clear about his points, but not very descriptive. The author clearly stated his points, yet wasn’t as detailed about the winner’s story.

Ellen Tumposky, et al. "The High Cost Of Winning." People 61.10 (2004):...
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