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Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens, Novel Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Annotated Bibliography: Portrayal of Women
In the novel A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Darney, Madame Defarge and Lucie Manette resemble major characters as a result of the portrayal of women. Lucie is very caring, loving, and graceful, as Madame Defarge is evil and villainous. Although many will view Madame Defarge as the guilty, and Lucie as the innocent, after reading and researching the following articles, readers could admit that these characters may not be how they seem to be as first assumed. Mangum, Teresa . "Dickens and the Female Terrorist: The Long Shadow of Madame Defarge.." Litarary Refrence center. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Dec. 2012.

In the following article by Teresa Mangum, the author explains the evil role that Madame Defarge portrays in the novel A Tale Of Two Cities. Although portrayed as evil, Teresa Mangum explains that still Madame Defarde has been and still is a major factor in todays society. The Defarges marriage in the beginning of the novel exemplifies their strength in their need for each other. The first downfall in her character that is witnessed in this article is when Madame Defarge puts her trust from her marriage into question. Following this event, the author mentions Defarge as a kind of two-faced character, and the start of her character as a revolutionary leader. In todays society women are seen as tender and respectful individuals, but in the novel, Defarge is an example of the complete opposite, when her vicious ways come to show. In the article the author continuously examines Madame Defarge as a character who transforms the women role from motherly and innocent, to violent. As Madame Defarges character continues to ascend negatively, Teresa Mangum reiterates how Madame Defarge prefers revenge over her husband.

Madame Defarge is usually seen as the villain in past and recent history, although she’s portrayed as such a crude character, Madame Defarge still exists and has encouraged and inspired other...
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