Annotated Bibliography: the Ultimate Buck

Topics: Salary, Professional sports, Football Pages: 7 (2280 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Alison Whitlock
Wendy VanDellon
English 401
14 Feb. 2011
Annotated Bibliography

Frayne, T. "The Ultimate Goal: The Almighty Buck." Maclean's 105.6 (1992): 65. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 Feb. 2013.

In this online article I found from Academic Search Premier, it explores various professional athletes and their annual income. It is directed towards anyone interested in sports and athletes’ incomes. I would give this source credibility because Trent Frayne was a legendary sports writer whose career stretched over 60 years.

In “The Ultimate Goal: The Almighty Buck” Frayne writes about different athletes ranging from the MLB player Ruben Sierra to NHL player Kevin Lowe and their different annual salaries. He writes about how different players have different views about their salaries and who does it for the money or who does it for the love of the game. In his article, Frayne explains, “Not every athlete, thankfully, takes the spirit of competition to the bargaining table. Some have other values, such as what kind of life they want to live.” (Frayne). What Frayne is talking about is how Kevin Lowe had stayed with the Oilers for almost his entire career no matter how much money he was making.

This source relates to my topic because it directly talks about specific players and their salaries. Also, since this source was written in 1992, I can even use it to compare the salaries from back then to salaries now and see how much has changed.

"It's Always Either Too Much Or Too Little." Sporting News 232.7 (2008): 16. Academic Search Premier. Web. 6 Feb. 2013.

In this newspaper article from Sporting News written in 2008, they list which professional athletes are overpaid and underpaid. I would count this as a credible source because it comes from a credited newspaper written all about sports.

In “It’s Always Either Too Much Or Too Little.” Sporting News lists which players they believe are overpaid and underpaid. They decide which athletes are overpaid and underpaid by comparing their skill level performance in the sports they play and their annual salaries. The article lists each player and has a caption under their names stating why they believe that player gets too much or too little money for what he does.

This source relates to my topic because it talks about why some players might be overpaid and why some players are underpaid. It is a good source to use when referring to specific players. It might be biased because it is based on a Sports News writer’s opinion, but it is still a source that is usable.

Katayama, Hajime, and Hudan Nuch. "A Game-Level Analysis Of Salary Dispersion And Team Performance In The National Basketball Association." Applied Economics 43.10 (2011): 1193-1207. Business Source Premier. Web. 6 Feb. 2013.

This article is different from all the other articles I have been looking at to use in my paper. It is written as an analytical paper using statistics between salaries of players in the NBA and team performance. It is written by authors from the Applied Economics association whose jobs are to analyze data and find correlations. Since they use data and opinions aren’t included in the article, it is unbiased. The writers of this article find specific data about salaries and performance of players in the NBA using data from the game-level panel. They explore whether performance in a game is dependent on salary. They also test against players who play more than half the games in the team’s season, as well as the entire player population. They found that salary does not influence team performance. This article will be very helpful because I can use specific data that the writers found to argue my position. It is also very helpful because it is not like all the other articles and sticks to strictly facts instead of opinions from various people.

King, Peter. "Smart Money." Sports Illustrated 93.26 (2000): 92. Academic Search Premier. Web. 6 Feb....
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