Annotated Bibliography of the Solo Cello Works of J. S. Bach

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  • Published : August 4, 2011
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Annotated bibliography of the solo cello works of J. S. Bach

Resource 1:
Butt, J. 1999. Bach Cello Suites. Early Music, Vol. 27, No. 2, Instruments and Instrumental Music pp. 340 342 Oxford University Press Accessed: 6th of July. 2011

John Butt wrote an article in the Early Music magazine about two latest recordings on Bach’s cello suites, at that time, performed by two well-known cellists, Paolo Beschi and Jaap ter Linden. They represent two distinctly different approaches to the Bach’s work. Paolo Beschi has brought out much aggressive quality of the piece, while Jaap ter Linden is somewhat subtle and gentle. The article contains how differently both performers undertook the sections of the Work, in terms of articulations, techniques, and choice of tempo. It does not contain any background history of how two cellists got influenced by the Bach, at their time. Recording artists, Cellists, Educators, and librarians will find a great fascination in this article.

Resource 2:
Jarvis, M. 2011. Written by Mrs Bach: The amazing discovery that shocked the music world. HarperCollins Publisher, Australia.
Author provides evidences that support the argument of Johann Sebastian Bach may not be the real composer of the world famous cello suites, and the real composer is he’s second wife, Anna Magdalena. Martin Jarvis is an associate professor of music at Charles Darwin University and artistic director of the Darwin symphony Orchestra and awarded the order of Australia Medal for services to music. The intended audience is the musicians “who seek only the truth”, historians, and educator in music fields. Author’s suspicions arise from the music calligraphy between Mr. and Mrs. Bach. Contains history background information on Anna and the world she have lived in at that time. Background information on the Bach and his wife, interesting information’s but no solid evidences, only the hypothesis of ‘could have been’s. Lack in...
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