Annotated Bibliography of Abortion Issues

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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"Special Interview: Evelyn Becker Speaks out in Favor of a Woman's Choice to Have an Abortion." Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 9 Aug. 2002. Web. 8 Nov. 2010. . Becker offers her opinion on why women should be the ones deciding whether they should have an abortion or not. The article gives strong arguments and facts on NARAL Pro-Choice America’s believe. These facts will provide strong pro-evidence about abortions. "The Abortion Pill: RU-486." Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 19 June 2007. Web. 8 Nov. 2010. . The article provides the main facts of the abortion pill. The article gives the arguments of parties, that support and the people who oppose the abortion pill. Thus, the information provided is helpful and necessary evidence to support research. "Public Opinion on Abortion (sidebar)." Issues & Controversies On File: n. pag. Issues & Controversies. Facts On File News Services, 8 Dec. 1995. Web. 5 Nov. 2010. . The article gives facts about the differences in the public opinion and the political opinion about abortions. The writer focuses more on the political point of few since the public is not as concerned about abortions as the politicians are. This article will provide some crucial information needed to offer the political stands. Rose, Lila. "Fighting for life: for four years, twenty-two-year-old pro-life activist Lila Rose has waged war against Planned Parenthood. It's bigger--but she's stronger." First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life 206 (2010): 14+. Academic OneFile. Web. 8 Nov. 2010. Lila has been researching and fighting for life and against abortions. She believes it is a crime to kill an unborn child and the women that are pregnant should be supported more to prevent an abortion. Lila’s article will offer important facts on why women should not have abortions.
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