Annotated Bibliography: Food and Health

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Annotated Bibliography

"Food Day, October 24, 2012." Food Day. Center for Science in the Public Interest, n.d. Web. 30 Nov. 2012 The Center for Science in the Public Interest have created a website with an article that explains the causes, and effects of our faulty health system. They have created a “food day” were they address how to become healthier, and how to have others become healthier as well. They have five priorities that will help increase the public health in our world. The Center for the Science in the Public Interest is known for doing research and helping develop healthier ways people can live. They wrote this article for the everyday people who should be more informed about how important health is and ways to achieve being healthy. I think this is a great source; it gives me a lot of information about the topic, and has many links I am able to click on. I can discover more facts, and help understand more about the ways we can do our part in creating a healthier society. The way I came across this article was by asking around about good websites that relate to health. Someone told me to Google “foodday”, so I did, and thought it was an excellent source.

"KidsHealth." Overweight and Obesity. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2012. The source is from a website called “kids health, from Nemours”. It is an educational site to help inform, and explain about children’s health. They give facts about children and obesity. They also explain ways to control it and to tell if your child is overweight or not. I think the article is in favor of controlling obesity, and stopping the widespread of it across the nation. They use a lot of facts that are backed up, so it would be useful to use this site and the article in it. The intended audience is for parents. It’s written to parents explaining ways to control obesity. I think this is a great source to use because it explains in detail, and provides useful information for a research paper. I found this site by...
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