Annotated Bibliography: Fairy Tales

Topics: Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Robert Baum, The author of "After The Ball Is Over: Bringing Cinderella Home", is a professor at The University of Waikato in New Zealand. He wrote the article for Culteral Analysis. He wanted to inform the common people who may be interested in the Grimm's Fairy Tales how they wrote their folktales, and how they incorporated beliefs of their own such as their religion. The mainy used Christian Folktales, because that was their religion. By making the alterations to use their religion it encouraged them to publish the tales as if they were theirs.

Ellie Crystal, who wrote the article "Mythology", created and designed the website Crystalinks. Her main purpose of creating the page was to tell of where and who the Grimm brothers collected the tales they published, and why it changed the perspective of them. The stories such as the tales collected by the Grimm Brothers in Germany are folktales because they were told by the common people rather than by an Aristocratic elite. This means that these tales were most likely passed down from generation to generation told to entertain or to tell of lessons of morality.

Mark Damen, who is a professor at The University Inn, actually wrote the article "The Indo-Europeans and Historical Linguistics" for a overview of a college coure he teaches. The title of the website, USU 1320: History and Civilization, is the name of the course. The website was created to inform the attending students what they would be learning and the main purpose of the course. Although the website was for college students, the information helpful is very interesting. Mark wished to tell of the nature of the stories and their origin. How the often macabre and sinister nature of these tales involve enslavement, poverty, starvation, abduction, and even cannibalism. These tales reflect the dark views of those living where there's little protection from the vagaries of man or nature.

Alfred David, who wrote the article "A Literary Approach To The...
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