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Topics: Sociology, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Psychotherapy Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: November 16, 2011
10 Annotated Bibliographies
Patricia Rankin, Elizabeth Salazar, Karina Flores, Tashanda Nance BSHS 311
November7, 2011
Maureen McKinley

10 Annotated Bibliographies

Cassidy, G. S. (2010). Systems Thinking and Theory in human services leadership. Retrieved from rp/13 This article describes how Theory U can be used in the Human services field among other fields to help with budget cuts, and dealing with clients. The article also explains how a system works, and defines it and gives many different examples of systems.

Claessens, M. (2010). Mindfulness Based-Third Wave CBT Therapies and Existential-Phenomenology. Friends or Foes? Existential Analysis: Journal of the Society For Existential Analysis, 21(2), 295-308.This article identifies the similarities between Existential Phenomenological Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies in the hopes of better understanding the nature of therapy.

Concept paper: systems theory. (2004). Retrieved from article defines system theory, as well as what a system is. The article describes the goals, and format of a system. The article also describes the different levels the systems can be used in, and it talks about how the social worker will deliver them.

Emery, M. J. (2004). Art Therapy. Journal of American Art Therapy Association, 3(21), 143 Retrieved from Autistic children may not be capable to express themselves, however, through art therapy this child is learning more about himself. Forder, A. (2011, October). Social System Theory. Oxford Journals, 6(1), 23-42 This article talks describes how the system theory is used in the Social work field, and its broken down to four levels. The philosophical level, the perspective of the social worker, the contribution of practice of the social worker, and the...
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