Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Homeschooling, Alternative education, Unschooling Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Annotated Bibliography
Thomas, S. (2007). First Things: Schooling at Home. New York: Institute of Religion and Public Life. Retrieved August 23, 2010, from the Proquest database. This is a great source that provides a sound argument about the benefits of homeschooling. The author who home school her children present an proficient way to educate and understand the ways of homeschooling, The author further illustrates the success of children who are homeschooled, and how they learn more quickly compared to a classroom of twenty or more students. KO, M. L. (1997). A Journey to Home-based Learning: Natural Life. Retrieved August 13, 2010, from EBSCOhost database. Exceptional and well-informed article contain the disadvantages of regular school compared to home school. The author explains that she did not know a thing about homeschooling but thought about how her children would benefit from homeschooling. This way she would have no worries about them learning to their full ability. Sorely, K., & Duggan, M. H. (2008). Homeschoolers Entering Community Colleges: Perceptions of Admission Officers (Author abstract) (Report). Journal of College Admission. Retrieved August 13, 2010, from Thompson Gale database. This article is an excellent resource on the statistics of homeschooling, and how the admission officials are not prepared on how to evaluate homeschoolers for admission to college. (n.d.). Research Shows Benefits of Homeschooling. Retrieved August 13, 2010, from The source is a former city school superintendent. This is fitting to my reach paper because the author has experienced both sides of the subject matter. The author created a learning tool for parents who home school their children. The author curriculum has been proven to help children achieve full scholarships to the college of their choice. (2010). Benefits of Homeschooling. Retrieved August 13, 2010, from...
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