Annotated Bibliography - 3

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Annotated Bibliography - 3

By | May 2012
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By Cyndi Giffin

1) American Academy of Family Physicians. (2012, March 13). "News From The Annals of Family Medicine: March/April 2012." Medical News Today. Retrieved from

There is a great article that talks about the rising cost of healthcare in the United States. Research shows that by 2021, the cost of healthcare will equal 50 percent of a person’s household income. More astonishing is that by 2033, the cost for healthcare will surpass a person’s household income.

2) Christian Nordqvist. (2012, March 17). "Oral Cancer Drugs Not Effective When Mixed With Some Other Medications." Medical News Today. Retrieved from

Interesting article on a study being done related to the effects that some medications have on oral cancer drugs when taken together. Researchers have found that the oral cancer medication cannot work to the best of its abilities when taken with other medicines, which puts people at a higher risk of non-recovery or developing other sever side effects.

3) Perelman School of Medicine. (2012, March 16). "Potential Alzheimer's Disease Drug Slows Damage And Symptoms In Animal Model." Medical News Today. Retrieved from

This article addresses the effect of a drug that has shown great potential in preventing further neurological damage and improving cognitive performance for Alzheimer’s patients. Researches have found that this drug may be helpful for those in the early stage of Alzheimer’s. The article goes on to explain exactly how the drug has helped mice that had the Alzheimer symptoms.

4) Health and Science Communications Association. (2012) Leadership in Health and Science Communication. Retrieved from

This Association...

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