Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Management, Change management, Strategic management Pages: 15 (3979 words) Published: February 16, 2010
“Annotated Bibliography”
By: Ada E. Arroyo


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21. References 12-13

1. Randall, R., Cox, T. & Griffiths, A. (2007). Participants' accounts of a stress management intervention. Human Relations, 60 (8), 1181-1209. The main focus of the work is the effectiveness of organizational-level stress management interventions which usually include "changing the design, management and organization of work" (Randall, Co & Griffiths, 2007, p. 1181).

The authors demonstrates that the interventions has efficiency and can magnified, eliminate the differences in the work environment, prior during and after the procedure of intervention. (Randall, Co & Griffiths, 2007, p. 1208). This article is a good resource material for those who are involved in the human resource section in implementing interventions.

Randall, Griffiths and Cox reading are very interesting because they actually test their theories with people that actually deal with the every day stress at work.

2. Hays, J. (2007). Dynamics of Organizational Wisdom. Business Renaissance...
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