Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Glidden, Thomas. "The American Funeral." Pastoral Psychology 14.5 (1963): 9-18.
In this print, Glidden gives the origin of the American funeral. Along with the explanation of its birth place, Glidden also gives examples of many other customs. Giving examples of the early American traditions and the birthplace for the customs, he makes the information given seem interesting. This source will be great for citing because not only will it credit my opinion and outlook on this subject, but it will also explain why America has adopted such traditions. Using this information to back my opinion will also lead to an interesting introduction; which in turn will capture my reader. Glidden makes a point to say commencing a death is extremely common in most cultures. He implies that the only difference in each ceremony is their customs. The tradition to celebrate a “home going” will always exist and remain the same; however, the way each culture does it will not be. From this observation I could make a transition in to comparing and contrasting the traditional American culture to other cultures. Mathias, Elizabeth. "The Italian-American Funeral: Persistence through Change." Western Folklore 33.1 (1974): 35-50. This source is a book that describes the funeral traditions of the Italian- American Funeral. Mathias declares her main purpose of her paper in her introduction by informing the audience that she is going to explain the form of the Italian-American funeral from the village to the urban setting (Mathias 35). She also assures her audience that she will explain the changes in formalities due to culture difference in modern times and past times. Using this book I could make the first transition into my first supporting detail. This printed source could help with showing the cultural contrasts between the traditional American funeral and another culture. Giving the comparisons and contrast between America and another culture...
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