Annotated Bibliography

Topics: United States public debt, United States, Government debt Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Annotated Bibliography
Introduction to Symposium on U.S. Sovereign Debt Crisis: Tipping-Point Scenarios and Crash Dynamics.. (2012, Jan). Econ Journal Watch, 9(1), 21-23. Retrieved from This is a great resource for people attempting to get “spun up” on the American debt crisis. This article lays out the basics of why America is in the crisis, it’s currently in. This resource offers potential solutions and different outcomes.

Debt Ceiling: How Can The U.S. Fix This Fiscal Fiasco? Abolish It.. (2013, Jan)., () Retrieved from
This article provides more detailed information on why the United States government continues to go further and further into debt. The article lays out potential solutions to solve the debt on a large scale. This article even points the blame at certain people and gives reasons for it.

The Coalition Concord. (2013). 
Retrieved from This website is one of the most useful information sites I have come across. This website is devoted to the National Debt. The total national debt, with an ongoing counter can be found on this website. Virtually, any information needed in regards to the National Debt crisis, excluding extensive history, can be found on this site.

Treasury Direct. (2013). Retrieved from This website gives an in depth history of the debt of the United States. Statistics, presidents in office and much more information is available to the reader. Though, information on the current debt crisis can be found on this site, the site appears to be more aimed at the history of the United States debt.

When I initially began my research and rough draft writings, I didn’t have an annotated bibliography. I have found the annotated bibliography to be a useful tool, in that it keeps me on track with my sources and helps...
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