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Topics: Livestock, Agriculture, Factory farming Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: April 29, 2013

Food and Water Watch. (2010). Factory farm nation: How America turned its livestock farms into factories, pp. iv – 3; 26-34. Retrieved from:

Food & Water Watch works to ensure the food, water and fish we consume is safe, accessible and sustainable, protect the environmental quality of the oceans, force the government to do its job protecting citizens and educate about the importance of keeping shared resources under public control.


This article describes how factory farming operates the process of meat and relative products as a business. The main products of this industry are meat and eggs for human consumption. It also talks about corn and soybean which are related to feeding live stocks as a lower cost. There are proven drawbacks from this factory such as impacts on environment, public health, economics, food safety and animal health and welfare.

Application and connections

According to this article, there have been issues with regard to whether factory farming is sustainable and ethical. This article involves the content of “The origins and history of business”, which was lectured on week three.

Firstly, as for the animal welfare, the article explored that close confinement systems contribute to animals’ “unhappy” and the restriction of natural behaviours. For example, the research conducted that 100,000 chickens or 1,000 hogs in one building, and thousands of cattle held together in one dirt lot, industrial livestock conditions make animals vulnerable to disease (p. 33).

As for the animal diseases are concerned, the consequences on public health, environment, food and safety have been definitely operated. According to the article, people who work on the farm may catch infections that transmit from animals to human beings. In addition, factory farming pollutes the soil, water and air due to the fact that this industry often uses fertilise,...
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