Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Social media Pages: 1 (1438 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Assignment: Annotated Bibliography
Parampreet Kainth
Sheridan College
Professor: Chrisoula Benak
Date: Friday, March 15th. 2013

Jung, Brain. “The Negative Effect of Social Media on Society and Individuals |" Small Business - Retrieved March 15 2013 <>. This is an article which talks about how the social networking system, although looks really great is in the same way has a negative effect in the society. False sense of communication is one of the many problems social networking faces. Social media sites such as; Facebook, Twitter and others make it really problematic to differentiate among meaningful relationships. Kids in this generation are now vulnerable to cyber-bullying, in which individuals, anonymously and even with fake identities can terrorize peers. Cyber-bullying causes a bit more of a wound when it comes to suffering pain. While businesses have been starting to use social networking sites to help their business growth, at the same time workers who have been hired use them to slack off on the work given to them. Privacy is a big problem when it comes to social networking, because more sites are starting to ask for personal details. This can cause employers to fire employees due to seeing falsely accused pictures. How Risky Are Social Networking Sites? A Comparison of Places Online Where Youth Sexual Solicitation and Harassment Occurs ." Pediatrics . Retrieved Web. 15 Mar. 2013. < Social networking has made youths more sexually prone. In the past 6 months some participants from the ages of 10-15 years of age that have used the internet at least once in the last 6 months. Behind the screens of the computer, youths tend to go for unwanted sex, even if they are not of age. Social networking causes teens and youth to both talk about sex even if they are not of age, and...
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