Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Water, Heavy metal music, PH Pages: 4 (1305 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Gabrielle OoyamaMarch 18, 2013

Annotated Bibliography
1. Battaglia, M., G. C. Hose, E. Turak, and B. Warden. et al., 2005. Depauperate macroinvertebrates in a mine affected stream: Clean water may be the key to recovery. Science Direct [Internet]. [Cited 2013 March 14]; 138: 132-141. Available from: This is a scientific journal that demonstrates how changes in macroinvertebrate assemblages are often linked to acid mine drainage (AMD). It also demonstrates how the relative impact of water and sediment to toxicity is not certain with acid mine drainage. The effect on the macroinvertebrate assemblage confirmed that the concentrations of common metals in the surface water were more toxic when transplanted into “clean” water, than when sediment that was from a high metal concentration in a stream was transplanted. The conclusion of the study was that to remediate AMD sites, improving water quality should be focused on more than improving sediment quality. 2. Butler, B. A.. et al., 2009. Effect of pH, ionic strength, dissolved organic carbon, time, and particle size on metals release from mine drainage impacted streambed sediments. Science Direct [Internet]. [Cited 2013 March 16]; 43: 1392-1402. Available from: This is a scientific journal that describes how acid mine drainage (AMD) typically results in decreased pH, increased metal and salt concentrations, and biological productivity decreases. With that being said, removal and/or treatment of the AMD should increase the pH, decrease the metal concentration and increase biological activity. Streambed sediments were collected from an AMD contaminated Creek and were assessed for effects of pH, ionic strength, DOC concentration, time and particle size on metals release using a factorial design. In summary, results suggest that the changes in water...
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