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Topics: Capitalism, Socialism, Karl Marx Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Dy, Cedric Vladimir U.
Tan, Julian Jacob Y.
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3.0 Factors of a mixed economy
The factors of a mixed economy usually consist of a selection of freedoms like possessing means of production examples like farms, plants & stores. Another is that people are free to contribute in administrative decisions (Mattick, 1969). They are also free to travel so that transportation of products may be possible, business transaction may also be made because of traveling, it can also allow personnel to go places they are required to go to (1969). People also have the freedom of buying or selling required materials or products for private use or for merchandising to (1969). Personnel hiring or firing is also authorized to the owner of a company to maximize or uphold his association’s regular production of wealth to (1969). Making transaction, forge business partnerships, generate markets are also possible because the people are permitted to communicate freely in newspapers, books, advertisement to (1969). They also have the right to peacefully protest about the government to (1969). CED According to Ikeda, they are also given the right to benefit from the state owned facilities, transportation, and services that are financed through the citizen’s tax similar to libraries, roads, schools, hospitals, banks, communication services and water systems (1997). CED Ikeda also said that in spite of all this freedoms, the government provided some rule and regulation to control citizens like guidelines for the environmental, consumers, incorporation laws and tariffs and quotas to manage import and export (1997). CED 3.1To possess means of production

The people in China had the freedom to the means of production. Materials that are used by people to make products are the means of production (Evans, 1975). According to Mattick, the instruments of labor and subjects of labor are the two types of means of production (1969). Evans said that tools, factories and...
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