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Comparison and Contrast Essay
Everyday there are students applying to colleges across the world, and some even choose close to their own homes. Parents love the thought of saving money even when it involves education, because everyone knows how expensive it can be. Although students will leave behind the common experience most students get to enjoy while living in a dorm during college like the activities, parties, and being able to be around your friends a large amount of the time. Living at home during your college years rather than staying in a dorm is very beneficial. It can give students a great amount of time to bond with their family, while living in a dorm gives students privacy. Students don’t have their family constantly calling their name to do something for them, or just intruding in on them. According to Kristen Graham, she states “ And you learn a lot about how to be an adult when your parents aren’t telling you how important it is to study and you find out for yourself” (12-23). Because of students living in a dorm without their parents it gives students more time to focus on studying, only most don’t take their time from what being away from home can give them into consideration, leaving them will a ton of homework to fulfill when the dead line arrives faster than expected. Being at home, parents are usually on top of their child’s back making sure they are being successful in school, asking questions constantly about their child’s homework and if they are passing their classes.

Another benefit living at home will give students, is being able to save money. It gives students a lower chance of putting their selves or their parents into dept. Everyone loves to eat; having home cooked meals during college are always a delight, rather than spending money that their parents give to them to go out and eat at different restaurants throughout the week. Eating out, buying groceries, paying bills, and buying extra things students want all involve...
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