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Topics: Law, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Civil and political rights Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: January 8, 2013
1.) How do we choose which laws are just and which ones are not?

- Unjust laws are those that intentionally prohibit the person's civil liberties, according to the articles.

2.) What laws do you see that would fit the model for what king would call unjust?

- Thanks to Dr. King and other people who have impacted the past of civil rights problems I don't see many examples of unjust laws. The use of Marijuana is encouraged to be used in some religions, although in this country it is illegal.

Think of some unjust things you have witnessed and failed to act on.

1.) Had you acted on it alone, would your involvement have changed anything?

- No, I would have been out numbered and possibly put myself and my children in harms way.

2.) What if we all reacted too swiftly and jointly to matter of injustice?

- If most individuals would react too swiftly in a situation they would make irrational decisions and not take the time to think the situation through.

3.) How does the act of exercising of our first amendment rights, especially when we work together, help to shape the world we live in?

- The problem is too many people expect other people to fix their problems, so it may be difficult to encourage many of them to use their first amendment rights. If we could get to a point of a group of people working together then yes I do feel that we would be able to decide on a reasonable, legal conclusion.

4.) How did the Occupy Wall Street Movement (OWS) use civil disobedience to further its cause?

- They worked together and came up with their solution which wouldn't cause any more situations or violence and hostility.

5.) Considering the outcomes associated with the OWS Movement, could we claim that the days of effective civil disobedience are over?

- No, in my opinion most large events that have large outcomes tend to occur at least once again in the future with double the power.
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