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Topics: Obesity, Weight loss, Nutrition Pages: 5 (1241 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Contributing Writer. “Definition of healthy lifestyle” n.p., 30 Mar.,2011. Web. 8 Nov. 2012.


This article put forth that right nutrition, daily exercise, enough sleep and managing stress are important to us to get a healthy body. Varied diet is very important to our body systems. We are recommended to do 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise each day and to limit our meals appropriated level in order to control our weight, decrease the risk for lethal disease and strengthen the function of our vital organs. Additional it can power up our mind. Sleeping play an important role for your body grows, heals, relaxes and organizes. Regular stress management should also be considered to prevent mental disease. (Mela)

Renumodi , “Best daily keep fit exercises.” , 25 Apr. 2012. Web.9 Nov. 2012.

The writer reports that fitness programs are able to strengthen our vital organs and immune system. Walking is the cheapest way and easiest way for average person to keep fit, but playing sport ball game is much strenuous. Aerobics exercise can prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol and keeps blood sugar in check. Swimming is especially beneficial for old people suffering from arthritis and joint pains. Yoga is also an ideal choice to maintain physical and mental fitness. After you have followed the eight disciplines of Ashtanga yoga in your daily life, you will enjoy a disease free life from diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, digestive disorder and respiratory diseases. Even routine chores can also help us to lose calorie and a few weights. (Mela)

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LIVESTRONG Foundation, 10 Jul. 2011. Web. 8 Nov. 2012.


The writer reports that people should be considerate when choose the diverse slimming pills nowadays. For the long term to keep fit, slimming pills are not a healthy choice since these may have the harmful side effects. According to MSNBC, many people’s weights return back after they stop taking slimming pills. The pills also cannot help people cope with anxiety or combat any stress. However, exercise is better in this way. Keeping a habit of balance of exercise and healthy diet is the effective way to keep the extra weight loss.(Alva)

“Thin people 'must exercise too.” BBC News, 6 Mar. 2006. Web. 8 Nov. 2012.


According to a study of International Journal of Obesity, skinny and obese non-exercisers have higher levels of heart-clogging cholesterol (LDL) than lean exercisers. The author points out that thin people need to spend time on doing exercise to ensure staying healthy. Dr O'Donovan suggested that the profits of exercise are not only achieving your weight loss goals. Habitual exercisers would have longer live and lower heart disease risk. He also supports that aerobic discipline is the most suitable method of health until now and for the future. (Alva)

“Why Health & Fitness is Important?” 2010. Wed. 8 Nov. 2012


According to the essay, people have a different attitude towards about health and fitness today. 'Positive attitude’ is needed in order to get a positive health and keeping your body fit. Keep fit is important as to keep your body and feeling good. Beside Keep fit is about the individuals choose of lives and what levels of fitness do u expect. A certain amount of the right type of exercise is what we need to keep us healthy. The author believes that exercise can also help relaxant control the weight and body shape.(Tommy)

“What I Need to Do to Get Fit?” n.p. n.d....
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