Annotated Bibliography

Topics: United States, Julia Gillard, Canada Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Tommy Im
Mr. Carroll
Expository English / Period 5
4 November 2012
Annotated Bibliography
Lane, S. “Withdrawal from Afghanistan to start within months” The World Today, April 17, 2012 Sabra Lane, chief political correspondent for ABC Nationals radio program ‘The World Today,’ noted for her work in current affairs for commercial TV and her transition to ABC radio which provides integrity to her perspective on the Afghanistan war.  She uses the term ‘sea change’ as applying to these changes in democracy practices as they are evident in modern conflicts. Lane uses multiple highly prominent figures with direct involvement in regards to Australia’s position in the Afghanistan War to her advantage. Lane continues to express the views of Julia Gillard in detailing Australia’s view and the progress being made as well as the withdrawal schedule. Lane further successfully exploits human nature, evident in numbering the deceased soldiers and quoting the father of one of these men, “how many lives would have been saved by the action of our soldiers and our participation” (Sher, 2012). Effectively adding emotion to the piece and strengthening the position the broadcast is making, it also supports her position on what gets viewed in regards to ‘war’. Lane then continues by drawing the opposing views of prominent political figures Tony Abbott and George Brandis, which questions the position of the current government, raising the notion of ‘domestic political convenience.’ In doing so she provides a slight reflection in the broadcast, evident in the opposing views. The consequences of the Afghanistan war are touched upon in Lane’s conclusion, questioning the basis of the war, skillfully ending openly so the listeners can determine their own interpretation.
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