Annotated Bibliography

Topics: Violence, Domestic violence, Violence against women Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Cultivation Theory & Local News
Ryan Phillippi
COM 249-004
An Annotated Bibliography
1. Romer, D., Jamieson, K.H., & Aday, S. (2003). Television News and the Cultivation of Fear of Crime. Journal of Communication, 53, 88-104. This article goes into detail about how the public believes that violent crime is a widespread national problem in the US despite the declining trends in crime. The authors have a hypothesis that fear of crime is in part a by-product of exposure to crime-saturated local television news. Cultivation Theory is used to suggest that fear of crime is fueled in part by heavy exposure to violent dramatic programming on television. Exploration of a related hypothesis indicates that the Cultivation Theory’s predicted effects of television on the public are true. The authors use national surveys to support their research. 2. Lee, C., & Niederdeppe, J. (2011). Genre-Specific Cultivation Effects: Lagged Associations Between Overall TV Viewing, Local TV News Viewing, and Fatalistic Beliefs About Cancer Prevention. Communication Research, 38, 731-753. This article incorporates recent studies that have found that exposure to local television newscasts is associated with a variety of problematic “real-world” beliefs. These studies were controlled for a variety of demographic characteristics and media use variables. A two-wave national representative survey is analyzed to know the correlation between local TV news viewing and fatalistic beliefs about cancer. Analyses provide evidence that local TV news viewing predicts increased fatalistic beliefs about cancer. 3. Kahlor, L., & Eastin, M.S. (2011). Television’s Role in the Culture of Violence Toward Women: A Study of Television Viewing and the Cultivation of Rape Myth Acceptance in the United States. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 55, 215-231 This article approaches cultivation from a feminist prospective that recognized television as a source of cultural...
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