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Annotated Bibliography

By | November 2012
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Annotated Bibliographies
1) McNutt, M,’ The Water Cycle: Transpiration’, August 2012, This website titled “The Water Cycle: Transpiration” gives detailed information about transpiration, atmospheric factors which affect transpiration, how much plants transpire daily and throughout their life and how transpiration is essential in our agriculture and farming today. Being produced in 2010 confirms accuracy, however this is then supported again as this webpage was last updated August, 2012. Within this website there are no dead links present. Furthermore the information in this website corroborates with sources 4 and 6 as these sources also explain the information presented in this website. This website is a very reliable source to draw information from. The author of this website is Dr Marcia McNutt, a distinguished biologist who has PhD in biology and Earth sciences as well as a BA degree in physics. In addition, McNutt’s honours and awards include membership in the National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She also holds honorary doctoral degrees from the University of Minnesota and from Colorado College. The contact details of this author as present on this website, as you can directly contact her on e-mail or telephone, furthermore implementing the reliability of this source. However the authoring body of this website is an organisation which also produces websites about other areas of science, and it is questioned if a person of a different science authored this website. Furthermore it is shown that this website has been reviewed by another person with the same qualifications as Marcia McNutt, therefore another factor which confirms reliability. This website presents no bias as it only informs readers about the facts of transpiration. This source purposefully displays points of information about transpiration how it can...

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