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Annotated Bibliography

In this selection of annotated bibliographies a number of different journals, books and online papers have been sourced. They all related to same subject: The activity of living- Breathing. Most of the sources looks at the physiological aspect of breathing some have discussed the sociological aspects and some refer to the psychological aspects of breathing and how it can be affected by different factors. Also included are some government guidelines. All the sources used are aimed at healthcare professionals to afford them some understanding of caring for patients who is or could in the future, due to their lifestyle choices, experience problems with their Activity of living- Breathing.

Hoyal, C. Grant, J. Chamerlain, F. Cox, R. Campbell, T. (2002) ‘Improving the management of breathlessness using a clinical effectiveness programme’ International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 8 (2) pp. 78-87. [accessed 18/09/2010] This clinical review is aimed at health care professionals who are involved with the care of patients with advanced cancer; this includes physiotherapists, occupational therapist, physicians, nurse specialists, and psychologists. It is written by a variety of nurses who are employed by the hospice mentioned in the review and a senior lecturer at Bournemouth University. It presents well to the reader, with good headings to each section of the article. It also includes many references that are relevant to what is being discussed throughout the review. There are diagrams included so the reader can visualise what is being discussed. The nurses identified a problem with the measuring and treatment of patients who experienced breathlessness. They felt that the current scale for recording was too broad and did not take into account each individual perception of breathlessness. They found that treatment, often intrusive, was often only offered when the patient was already having an episode of breathlessness. They set about undertaking a critical review of published research. From their findings they developed a new care plan for patients with breathing difficulties. The idea that patients being offered breathing techniques and exercises early, allowed them to feel more in control of their symptoms. The review gives real examples of a patient’s perception of breathlessness and how it affects them psychologically and physically. It gives reference to the medical description of breathlessness. This review is not current (2002) and at the time of publication only informal feedback had been received, it was however positive.

Hasson, F. Spence, A. Waldron, M. Kernohan, G. McLaughlin, D. Watson, B. Cochrane, B. (2008) ‘I can not get a breath: experiences of living with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease’ International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 14 (11) pp. 526-531 [accessed 21/10/2010] This clinical review has been undertaken by a number of health professionals with a range of different experience from research assistants, community nurses to lecturers and directors of medical care services contact with the patient suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and who are involved in palliative care. The aim of the review was to look at how patients suffering from COPD deal with their illness on a day to day basis, looking at the physical and psychological effects, and their understanding of their condition, the process and prognosis. It also looks at the patients understanding of palliative care and how they rate the care offered to them. The method of the review is clearly set out in the review and the criteria for inclusion is also identified, i.e. the patient had to be over 18, be able to consent and be on optimal tolerated drug therapy, these are a few of the requirements. The...
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