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Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Charles Scribner's Sons Pages: 1 (628 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Abortion statistics. (2012, Jul 17). Timaru Herald. Retrieved from This is probably the most important information I will be containing in my paper. Herald speaks about the statics of abortion. For example he states that women who have one abortion are 32 times more likely to have another abortion. This is a point I could bring up in paper because it can support me in the statement that many women are using abortions as birth control. Alcorn,R. (03/29/2010) retrieved on April 18, 2013, from incest/ This site included a lot of useful statistics on abortion. Most importantly it contained data from victims that were raped and had abortions. This is vital to my topic because it can help me prove my point that abortion due to rape is not only wrong but a large percent of women who have raped due to abortions regret it later. Barth, A. S. (2006). Abortion. American Journal of Law and Medicine, 32(2), 405-408. Retrieved from I found a lot of valuable laws on abortion on this site. I believe it is important to explain so of the laws that have to do with abortion, such as not being able to perform abortion after the second trimester to capture the audience’s attention with detail.

Methods of Abortion (2013) retrieved on April 20, 2013 from This site includes not only information on the actual procedure of abortions but it also includes some statistical data on abortions performed as well. This pertains to my topic because I feel as though it is important for the audience to know how abortions are performed as well as what is happening to the fetus. Rape. (2010). In M. H. Ferrara (Ed.), Human Diseases and Conditions (2nd ed., Vol. 3, pp.1385-1388)....
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