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Annotated Bibliography
Kristina Baires
September 22, 2012
Leslie Pirtle

Ellis, D. (2011). Becoming a Master Student (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning
This book is an excellent source of useful information. Ellis offers many tips on how to promote student success both in and out of the class. Becoming a Master Student has students thinking on a more critical level. This book teaches skills on managing time, taking notes, taking tests, communicating, managing money, and tips for living a healthy lifestyle. Also included in this book is the Discovery Wheel tool, Master Student Profiles, multiple intelligence exercise, and the Kolb Learning Style. These tools help develop the students knowledge not only about themselves but also the world around them. Boulding, K. E. (1972). The future of personal responsibility. The American Behavioral Scientist (Pre-1986), 15(3), 329-329. Retrieved from

This scholarly journal was written by Kenneth E. Boulding professor of economics at the University of Colorado. In this journal Boulding discusses the future of personal responsibility and problems that may arise and ways to can solve those problems. He also discusses the two concepts of responsibility; responsibility for and responsibility toand also dimensions of responsibility; benevolence and malevolence. Forbus, P., Newbold, J. J., & Mehta, S. S. (2011). A study of non-traditional and traditional students in terms of their time management behaviors, stress factors, and coping strategies. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 15, 109-125. Retrieved from

A study of non-traditional and traditional students is a 17 page scholarly journal written by Patricia Forbus, John J. Newbold, and Sanjay S Mehta. In the journal the co-authors discuss the roles of traditional and non-traditional college students....
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