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The Inquiring Proposal for Making Students Accountable
Debra Woods
Capella University
ED5007 – First Course – Foundations of Educational Leadership

Annotated Bibliography
Carnoy, M., & Loeb, S. (2002). Does external accountability affect student outcomes?
A cross-state analysis. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 24(4), 305-311.
Retrieved from
Carnoy & Loeb provides an overview of how schools assessments are based on accountability and student testing. Carnoy & Loeb are explaining how it is necessary to adopt a strong accountability for measuring student’s outcome, because this is an indicator to tell how administrators and teachers are reaching the organization’s goals and to provide information on which elements of the curriculum are reaching students and which are not. Carnoy & Loeb are focusing on how the analysis is important for assessing the assessment of the relationship between accountability and student performances. Above all, Carnoy & Loeb are letting us know how factors with strong accountability can also improve the educational process. Christenson, M. A. (2004). Teaching multiple perspective on environmental issues in elementary

classrooms: A story of teacher inquiry. The Journal of Environmental Education,
35(4), 3-16. Retrieved from
The author discusses about how five elementary school teachers who collaborated multiple perspectives approach to environmental issues into teaching styles. Also, the article provided information on how the teachers used children’s literature to discuss the different perspectives on diverse viewpoints on environmental issues. Christenson’s qualitative analysis of student opportunity to use critical thinking skills reinforces the need for more effective teaching styles. Most important, the research showed how the teachers demonstrated a professional development process that influences their attitudes towards their...
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