Annie Oakley

Topics: Exhibition shooting, Woman, Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Annie Oakley

I am a woman. I am able to get an education if I so choose. As an adult I will be able to own property and vote. I am not spending my childhood learning how to become a wife and a mother. Whether she knew it or not Annie Oakley helped to give me the rights that I have today. Annie was a woman too, and famous sharpshooter. She could shoot better than any man of her time. She helped to show women that it was okay to do more “masculine” things. And, she helped women to realize that they had more potential than what they thought. Once other women realized this they would begin to pursue and accomplish things they never would have considered they could have done. Things like being employed and being the head of a household that originally only men were supposed to do. After that women saw that they were able to do anything that the men could do; many began questioning why they didn’t have the same rights as the men. Women began protesting, petitioning, and fighting for their rights, and eventually they wound up getting the 19th Amendment passed. This Amendment gave women the right to vote, control their finances, hold government offices, and own property. After a long struggle women finally were granted the same rights as men. Some Facts about Annie Oakley

Born with the name Phoebe Anne Mosey on August 13, 1860
She first began hunting when she was eight years old
At age 15 she was challenged to a shooting match against Frank Butler, she won and ended up marring him a year later •She joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West traveling show and because of her impressive sharp shooting talents she was quickly made the star of the show •Soon after she changed her name to Annie Oakley for unknown reasons •Some of her acts included her shooting a small metal coin out of the air from 27 meters away and holding her gun over her shoulder and using a mirror to aim and hit targets behind her flawlessly •Annie died of anemia on November 3, 1926 when she was 66...
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