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Topics: Girl, Jamaica Kincaid, Childhood Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: April 20, 2011
Annie’s Search for Her True-Self
Jamaica Kincaid’s, Annie John, tells the story of a young girl named Annie. In this novel, Kinkaid provides her readers with an in-depth look at a teenager girl in search of her identity. Annie grows up admiring her mother and living in an almost idyllic environment. One day, Annie’s so fascinated by the funeral of a girl she knew that she forgets to buy fish for dinner. As a result, her mother punishes her by threatens not to kiss her goodnight. Annie’s interest in death foreshadows her upcoming relationship with her parents. Despite, Annie being the world to her mother, she asks her to grow up and act like a lady by taking sudden distance from her, during her early stage of puberty. Consequently, this shock makes Annie feel insecure which it is reflect in her changed behaviour and this obliges her to seek for a new identity. Her journey takes her from being a “mama’s little girl” to a sneaky, deceitful teenager. Kinkaid’s detailed description of Annie’s thoughts invites the reader to share Annie’s fascination with her mother. “When my eyes rested on my father, I didn’t think very much of the way he looked. But when my eyes rested on my mother, I found her beautiful” (18). Annie didn’t complain about being around her mother regardless of the occupation. Kinkaid portrays Annie’s mother as the center of her world “I spent the day following my mother around, and observing the way she did everything” (15). Annie feels important to be with her mother. They do everything together from cooking, to cleaning, and even taking baths together and eventually, they share a unique bond. Recognizing that this is the end of her daughter's childhood, Annie's mother forces her to move beyond their close relationship, in order to begin the process of becoming a young lady by learning “manners and how to meet and greet important people” (28). The refusal of Annie’s mother to spend time with her, changes the perception she has of mother; instead of...
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