Anne Sexton. A letter to Her Husband

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American Lit.
Anne Bradstreet
A letter to Her Husband…..
a. A woman is speaking about her husband in the poem, and I believe it’s the voice of the author Anne Bradstreet. The listener is designated to be her husband. b. She lamented over the departure of her husband, the distance between her husband and she had brought great sorrow to her soul. “I, like the earth this season, mourn in black,” This simile helps understand her feelings. Her husband presence was of grand significance to her as she referred to him as” sweet sol from Capricorn”. Her husband represented the center of her universe, her source of energy etc. and absence of her “Sun” would certainly affect her happiness. She wishes her husband would never go away but staying by her side forever. This following metaphor explained it clearly “I wish my sun may never set, but burn…” she referred to her husband as being the sun, and by saying she wished her sun may never set, represents her wishes of her husband to stay by her side. c. “My sun is gone so far in’s zodiac” visual image, she uses it to compare her husband to a nice summer weather that went far away which she is impatiently waiting to come back. This helps setting the importance of her husband in the poem. The second lively image is: “My joy, my magazine of earthly store” this image in my opinion is imaginary meaning she is thinking of it in her head. That’s a great way to set the tone by stating her feelings prior to her husband’s departure. The third image “My chilled limbs now numbed lie forlorn;” is visual. Through this image she is expressing how lonely her husband’s absence has left her. d. I found those phrases to be a bit puzzling: “His warmth such frigid colds did cause to melt.” And “Till nature’s sad decree shall call thee hence;” e. She wants to share the message of two souls becoming one as they had promised in marriage. She elaborated the feeling that a woman should be experiencing if her husband should...
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