Anne of Green Gables

Topics: Anne of Green Gables, Meaning of life, Lucy Maud Montgomery Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Marianna Presti
Academic paragraph about the experience of reading together in class Reading the first five pages of Anne of Green Gables in the class as a group doesn’t really make me understand what we were reading. In my group we were five so each person read one page. Changing the person who reads in each page maybe was the reason of why I couldn’t understand the lecture. It was a distraction to hear the other people reading out loud too. Commonly, most of the people don’t care if there’s other person talking while they are reading. However, it is not impossible but hard for me to quickly understand. However, I liked my group. They were all really motivated and with the intentions to learn. If i didn’t understand the meaning of a word i could asked in my group and they explain to me, and if they didn’t know we asked to the professor. Those are benefits of reading with classmates. We can help each other so we learn more. In other way, if I read by myself I concentrate better. Therefore, reading in class as a group has its pros and cons just as if I do it alone. Maybe the idea of reading it first in the class and after at my house is the best way to understand the book. First, I can ask about the vocabulary I don’t know the meaning so then I can read better.

Academic paragraph about the first five pages of my book
In the book “Anne of Green Gables” there’s this woman called Mrs. Rachel Lynde who lived in Avonlea. She was the wife of Thomas Lynde. Rachel was always busy doing her job, volunteering at charities and still taking care of her home. Despite Lynde was a hard-working women she also managed other people business, as well. One afternoon, she was sitting in front of her window and saw Matthew Cuthbert going out well dressed with a suit. Rachel was surprised seeing his extremely shy neighbor leaving his home at that hours. Unable to resist of what was happening she went to visit Matthew’s sister immediately. When Rachel...
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