Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts
Anne Hutchinson was a Puritan woman whose acts of not agreeing with the Puritan doctrine had her excommunicated from the church. Anne did not believe that the people were predestined to go to Heaven or Hell but it would be determined based on their works. Accused of Blasphemy Anne was sent to court because of her actions which is now known as the Anne Hutchinson versus Massachusetts case. This case shows the effects of Political, Social and Historical. In the Puritan days, the government’s choices were based on what the church thought. Priest had full control of what was happening in that colony. This was not always the greatest thing because if the court wanted to sentenced someone right away they had to wait till the congregation made a choice. This made it complicated because they could not excommunicate her right away. In this century we don’t really see the church and government working with each other because they do not have to rely on each other anymore.

Anne Hutchinson could be known as one the first leaders to change the role of women. She was religious independent leader who did things men thought women would never do. For example, she held meetings at her house giving people her belief of what she thought the bible was saying to her. She had a great influence on people because more and more people started coming to her meetings and liked what she had to say. This social effect has now come into place with women becoming in charge and becoming leaders in the world.

Historically, the Puritans belief system was different to what it is today. They believed in predestination to where they say you go to Heaven or Hell and you cannot do anything about it. This made it for people because if you wanted to be a part of the church and you were sentenced to hell then there was no way you can be a part of it. Anne Hutchinson argued this belief and said no you are determined to go based on the actions you do. This...
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