Anne Hutchinson Versus Massachusetts

Topics: Christianity, Massachusetts, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Taylor Bishop
History 1301
February 3, 2012
Anne Hutchinson Versus Massachusetts
In the 17th century, religion was remarkably different than it is today. Anne Hutchinson was condemned from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for holding religious “meetings” in her home and sharing her thoughts about the Protestant preachers in the colony. Knowing these actions were forbidden in that centuries society, she continued. Her followers, who also knew she was going against the church as well as the law, stayed with her. People were starting to think differently about the church, starting to question that maybe not every thing the church says is 100 percent true. Anne hutchinson was one of these historical figures to contribute to the reformation. The new world was welcoming in religious freedom in the 17th century, but that didn’t also mean welcoming women's rights. Anne Hutchinson wasn’t one to bother with what the church or anyone else thought she should do. Characteristics of Anne are mentioned numerous times. John Winthrop, who was trying against Hutchinson, stated she was “a woman of a ready wit and bold spirit,” Even though most of society didn’t bother with hutchinson, she had a great impact on some during the time. Her followers believed in her so strongly that some of them followed her after she was condemned from the colony. The Church obviously was against Hutchinson beliefs. She held religious meetings in her home, sometimes with over 70 attendants. At these meetings she criticized the protestant church, saying that not only did they preach the covenant of work, but they were incapable of preaching the covenant of grace. These accusations, if anything, were what got her in so much trouble with the church. A woman was legally not allowed to “entertain” for it was said to be “dishonoring thy parents” aka the fathers of the state. Anne had a successful start to the trial, but Winthrop eventually prevailed and had hutchinson sent away from the colony, after...
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