Anne Geddes

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Anne Geddes
One September day, in Queensland Australia a baby girl was born. September 13, 1956 Anne Geddes was born into her family as their third daughter. Anne and her four sisters grew up on a cattle farm. The Geddes girls grew up true country girls, horseback riding and helping out with the cattle farm. Around the age of seven or eight, Anne had an epiphany of her future. As she saw her mother hanging clothes outside on their porch, and for some reason she had the need to be a photographer. Just like any girl Anne loved magazines, especially her favorites Life and National Geographic. She loved these magazines because she was drawn to their high quality and unique photos. These magazines were just an ongoing inspiration to Anne, and she knew that she would love to be a photographer. When Anne finally turned 17, she got a job with a group of hotel tourists to travel all over. Everyday Anne would take literally hundreds to thousands of pictures everyday so she would be able to remember every single thing she did that day. A few years later, Anne ended up getting married to Kel Geddes in Hong Kong in 1983. After her marriage Anne started to think that she would love to finally go into photography. She started her own small business taking pictures for family friends and neighbors, anyone that wanted pictures done she would do. She loved taking pictures and she was really good at it. As people saw her photos more and more people wanted her to take their pictures and her small business was not so small anymore. In 1984 she had her first daughter as Anne and her family moved to Sydney Australia.
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