Anne Frank: Writing as a Journey to Self Discovery

Topics: Conceptions of self, Perception, Self-concept Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Anne Frank: Writing as a journey to self discovery
The protagonist and author of The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank began writing her diary at the age of thirteen. She has many friends and admires at school; however, she confesses that she doesn’t have any close friend whom she able to open up fully about deeper things in her mind that she wants to share. It makes her to feel lonely and misunderstood. Anne found a best friend in the diary she named “Kitty”. The diary gives her a private place to explore and develop her thoughts and ideas. It comforts her in the extraordinary circumstances of the secret annex, where she was hiding with her family during Germany’s occupation of Holland. The diary helps her to write out her frustrations, feelings of isolation and express her thoughts without fear of being criticized or affecting anybody else in the annex. The diary is important part of Anne’s life and it influences her self-development. Particularly, writing plays a significant part in Anne’s maturity and sense of self, since Anne was able to look back at the previous records in the diary and reflect on her experiences. Besides, a constant diary-writing enables her to discover herself as potential writer and develop sense of self worth and self purpose. Anne began her diary as a playful, innocent teenager but her later entries reflected realization of coming of age. After two years of constant diary writing, she said: “Looking back, I realize that this period of my life has irrevocably come to close; my happy-go-quickly, carefree schooldays are gone forever...I’ve outgrown them. I can no longer just kid around, since my serious side is always there.”(March 7, 1944). As she matures, she constantly writes about her emotions, attitudes towards life and other people. A near to the end of the diary, Anne looks over her past diary entries about her mother and Van Daans, and realizes how biased she was towards other people. She realizes that sometimes she acted...
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