Anne Frank Report

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  • Published : March 14, 2009
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Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who died during the Holocaust at age 15. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. Her full name was Annelies Marie Frank and she lived with her parents Otto and Edith and older sister Margot. The Nazi government took control of Germany in 1933 under the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. Anne was Jewish and there were many governmental restrictions and rules

placed on the Jewish people by the Nazi controlled German government. Some examples were they had to be inside by 8 p.m., they were not aloud to swim in public pools, they had to go to only Jewish schools and they could only go in stores that were owned by Jewish people. The Jewish businesses all had to have the Star of David displayed prominently in a front window. Jewish people had to wear the Star of David on their arm. Otto Frank was a banker but because he was Jewish and also because it was during the Depression, business slowed down. In 1934 the family moved to an apartment in Amsterdam, Netherlands where Otto set up a company whose product helped make jams. Even though the family was homesick, they still enjoyed their first five years in Amsterdam. Anne attended a Montessori School where all religions were welcomed. Anne was a very talkative girl and so her teachers would make her write many essays to keep her quiet during class. Anne didn’t mind this a bit because she loved reading and writing especially in her diary. In May of 1940 the Nazi government took over the Netherlands and within a year Anne had to switch to an all Jewish school. Jewish people started getting arrested and deported to concentration camps. The Frank’s started a plan to go into hiding. In July 1942 a letter came in the mail ordering Otto Frank to be deported to a concentration camp and the family had to go into hiding earlier than planned.

Otto Frank brought the family to his 300 year-old red brick five story office building where his friends and business colleagues...
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