Anne Frank Reflection

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  • Published : May 9, 2012
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During this assignment, I learned firsthand just how hard it was for Anne and her family along with all the other families during the holocaust. Early on as I began this assignment, I grabbed a text book and began to take notes for another class. Right there is when I realized just what a struggle it must have been for Anne. How could she write so much in her diary when she could barely see what she was writing? I know this because the blinds in my room are white and let some light in, while her windows had to be completely blacked out. Now I was discouraged. Not being able to see, and having to tip toe as quietly as possible for everything I did was really hard. Things that would normally take me 10 seconds now took me twice as many because I had to be so quiet and careful. Once I realized that I wouldn’t be able to work on homework like I planned, I proceeded to tip toe to my bed. I layed down and within 5 minutes, I was restless. Now I was in a situation when I would normally go for the Xbox or iPod. I was about to but then I realized I wasn’t allowed during this assignment. This really made me upset, but I was determined to go the full two hours. I grabbed my sketchbook and with the very little light I had I managed to draw a picture, a warm sunset over the ocean, paradise…a place I had wished I was at. I continued and drew another; with all my drawing, 30 minutes manage to pass; now I just had an hour left. I layed down for another twenty minutes,then I drew some more. The last 10 minutes felt like an eternity. During my last ten minutes I recorded some of my thoughts on paper, once the final ten minutes was up, I ran for my phone, iPod, and computer.
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