Anne Frank Opinion Essay

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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Anne Frank Opinion Essay

Anne Frank is one of the most important figures during World War II. Anne was a regular teenage girl that happened to live during the time of the Second World War and became famous through her writings about her experiences. Anne just wanted to express her feelings and thoughts, so she decided to write in her diary, which she called “Kitty.” I read part of the diary, which was later published by her father and called “The Diary of a Young Girl”, I think it is very well written and expressed, you could feel as if you were there, with Anne and the others, hiding from the Nazis. It is interesting to observe how her own writings from her diary contrast with other writings that other authors invent, in a way to educate an audience about the experiences Anne and the rest of the Jews went through during the Holocaust.

Cherie Bennett, the author of “Anne Frank and Me” came up with the idea of writing the play, while watching “60 Minutes” with her husband Jeff Gottesfeld. In “60 Minutes”, two people were saying that the Holocaust never happened, and that Anne Frank wasn’t a real girl, so Cherie Bennett decided to write a play to educate young adults that Anne Frank did exist, so they would learn more about her, in a situation that they could relate to, from the point of view of another teenager. I have only read a part of the play and I really enjoyed it. The play seems to be very interesting. I especially love the way it is written, because it is easier for a younger audience, like me, to understand and to relate to.

In “My Visit to the Anne Frank House”, the author of the essay, expressed his opinion in a very clear and correct manner. When I read the essay, I really wanted to go there, and learn and see how the fugitives lived, behind a bookcase. It made me want to see the so-called “Annex”, and what was behind that bookcase. As the student said, “Going round the house helped you understand better about how the Frank’s...
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