Anne Frank Misunderstood

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, to be misunderstood is to “not be appreciated or given sympathetic understanding.” Oftentimes teenagers find themselves being really misunderstood, as if it is them against the world. In the “Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank, this is only maximized by her ever changing body and emotions brought along by puberty, a family she feels left out of, and the need for a real friend. In a time in her life when all she needs is an outlet and someone to turn to, Frank is met with disappointment. Having nobody but herself to confide in, she’s forced to become her own best friend. Puberty is a time in a person’s life when one’s body begins to change and mature, and hormones cause feelings and desires out of one’s control. For Anne Frank this comes at a time in her life when she has nobody to talk to, depend on, confide in, or look to for clarity. Frank reads an article about this, and she writes, “a girl in the years of puberty becomes quiet within and begins to think about the wonders that are happening to her body” (120). One might choose to keep quiet about these things, but still want answers as to why, later she writes about having her period and how nobody is aware of it, she explains, “I never discuss myself or any of these things with anybody; that is why I have to talk to myself about them” (120). Frank is forced to deal with her developing body and ever changing emotions all on her own. Because of this, all of Anne Frank’s changes, questions and developments are forced upon herself, causing her to be very confused and misunderstood. A family is a group of people, typically related, living in the same household that share a love and special bond with one another. For Anne Frank, her family is the exact opposite. She deals with a family she isn’t very close to, consisting of a mom that isn’t there for her, a father that has other priorities and a sister that seems to want nothing to do with her. Frank loves her father dearly, though he seems to hardly have time for her. She lacks a mother figure; her “Mummy” (117) would rather be more of a friend to them. Frank has this idea of what a mother should be like, and her Mummy is anything but this, she explains, “I imagine a mother as a woman who, in the first place, shows great tact, especially towards her children when they reach our age, and who does not laugh at me if I cry about something…like ”Mums” does” (119). Due to her sisters age, her mother feels closer to her sister Margot, causing Frank to feel secluded , she writes, “I love them; but only because they are Mummy and Margot. With Daddy it’s different” (118) In a very vulnerable time in her life, she feels like it’s her against her family and possibly the world, with so much going on in her head, and no one to turn to she feels alienated and secluded from the group of people she calls her family. A friend is typically someone you can confide in, hang out with and turn to in a time of need. Anne Frank has none of the above. She explains that she has many people “whom one might call friends” (116), but no true friends. With a number of things on her mind and nobody there to listen, Frank is forced to keep quiet about the issues she faces. Instead of continuing to keep it all to herself, she decides that she is going to start a diary, which she names “Kitty” (116). Frank explains, “And now I come to the root of the matter, the reason for my starting a diary: it is that have no such real friend” (116), Kitty quickly becomes her best friend, providing an outlet, and an escape from her reality. This helps Frank cope with her ever changing mind, body and emotions. Being misunderstood is something nobody deals well with, much less a teenager, Anne Frank is forced to deal with it, in a time in her life when being understood is all one really wants and needs. Sympathetic understanding is all Frank longs for. The stage in life when puberty takes hold of one’s...
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