Anne Frank Essay

Topics: Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Miep Gies Pages: 3 (1274 words) Published: March 24, 2011
An estimated 6 million Jews were mercifully killed during World War Two after being persecuted for many years. One 14-year-old girl wrote a diary showing what life was really like for Jews, which showed shocking and bloodcurdling insights and details. Her name was Anne Frank.

Annelise Marie Frank was a Jew born in Frankfurt, Germany on the 12th of June 1929. She lived at a time when Jews and other ‘non perfect’ races were slowly losing their rights and they were being treated more and more like animals. She was born to her mother Edith Frank and her father Otto Heinrich Frank. She had one eldest sister Margot whom she was very close to. Margot was 3 years elder than Anne. She had a very happy childhood playing with children from all religions in her neighbourhood and she was always very open-minded.

All the troubles started for the Jews in early March of 1933. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party had just won power at the election. Immediately, the Franks feared for their lives in Germany and Edith took the children to a small village near the border of Germany. Otto stayed in Frankfurt to work but took an offer of a new job in Amsterdam as soon as it became available. The whole family moved to Amsterdam and by the time Anne was 5, the whole family was happily settled and the two girls were enrolled in school. Margot and Anne were very different with Margot being skilled at maths but Anne at reading and writing. Their personalities were also very different with Margot being well mannered, reserved and a constant studier but Anne was outspoken and lively. Otto worked for a few companies over the years but he started his own company with his friend Hermanne Van Pels. He was a butcher and they both led a very successful company. In 1939, Anne’s grandmother came to Amsterdam and stayed with them until she died of natural causes in 1942. In May 1940, Germany invaded the Netherlands, which Amsterdam is in. The new government began to persecute the Jews by using controlling...
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