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Topics: Anne Frank, Fritz Pfeffer, The Diary of a Young Girl Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: May 12, 2013
I’ve just finished reading The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank. Anne Frank’s diary was begun on June 14th, 1942 and her last entry was on August 1st, 1944. Her diary was mostly about the Holocaust, when her family went into hiding. Anne’s family included herself, her sister (Margot Frank), her mother (Edith Frank), and her father (Otto Frank). This story was set in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. I chose to read this book because stories that relate to war, really interest me.

It all started on Anne’s thirteenth birth, when she received a diary from her parents. She was really excited because she wanted someone or something, she could tell her thoughts to. Even though Anne had a rich social life, she felt as if people didn’t know the real her. She began writing about daily events, school, boys, etc. Within a month, her entire life changed.

More and more Jewish people were getting captured and receiving call ups. Call ups mean to surrender now and go to concentration camp. The family decided to go into hiding. They moved into a little section of Anne’s father’s office building that was walled off and hidden behind a singing bookcase. It was called “the Secret Annex”.

For two years, the Frank family lived in “the Secret Annex”. Mr. and Mrs. van Daan and their son Peter (a little older than Anne) were also hiding with them. Later, Mr. Dussel, an elderly dentist, moved in and Anne had to share a room with him. Anne’s whole life now revolved around getting used to hearing gunshots and bombs. She started drifting away from her family because she spent more time studying and ready instead of spending time with them.

Anne started to change as she began to spend time with Peter van Daan. Around that time, she started having dreams about a bout she was in love with, another Peter, Peter Schiff. She always came to see Peter (of the Annex) more than she used to. Before, Anne thought he was an obnoxious, hypersensitive and a lazy guy, but he turned out to be...
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