Anne Frank Biography

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Anne Frank
Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929. She was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She was the second daughter of Otto Frank and Edith Hollander Frank. Anne also had an older sister named Margot Frank. The Franks were liberal Jews and lived in a community with Jews and Non-Jews. The children that grew up in the neighborhood had Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish friends. Otto and Edith did not observe all the customs and traditions of Judaism. While Edith was a more devout to the children while Frank was a WW1 officer and a decorated German citizen. They both encouraged the children to read. On March 13, 1933, Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic group was elected to office. Anti-Semitic laws were immediately took action. The Franks feared that they would not be safe in Germany. So Edith, Margot, and Anne went to Aachen, Germany and stayed with Edith’s mother Rosa Hollander. Otto stayed in Frankfurt, but very soon was offered a job in Amsterdam. Otto willingly moved there. While in Amsterdam he looked for living arrangements for his family because he felt it was safer there than in Germany. The Franks were with about 300,000 other Jews who left Germany around 1933- 1939. Otto began to work at Opekta Work which sold fruit extract pectin. Otto found an apartment in Medwedeplein in Amsterdam. In 1934, Edith and the girls went to Amsterdam. Both girls were enrolled in public school. Margot was in public school while Anne went to a Montessori school. Margot like math and Anne liked to read and write. When Anne received her diary Kitty, from her father on her 13th birthday she was overjoyed. From there on Anne wrote in it day to day. Anne and Margot were close as sister although Margot was more polite and Anne was more outspoken. In 1938, Otto started a second company called pectacon. There they sold herbs, pickling salts and mixed spices, used in the production of sausages. Herman Van Pels was an advisor for Pectacon for spices. The Van...
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