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  • Published : September 19, 2011
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Shane Rivenburgh
Anne Frank Paper

Anne Frank
Can you imagine being stuck in a room for years at a time and not getting the fresh air from outside? Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who was alive during the ruling of Germany by Adolf Hitler. She was a young girl who had to go into hiding due to the Nazi takeover. While Anne was in hiding, she kept a journal about what she did, who she met, and her experiences throughout her journey. Anne was sometimes very obstinate while in hiding. She was also very caring and appreciative. Lastly, Anne was very talkative and outgoing. Anne Frank was obstinate, caring, and social.

Anne Frank didn’t mind holding her own. She was always trying to stay true to herself and only listen to other people unless she thought it was right. For example, when Anne’s mother thought she was being sort of rude, Anne said, “ Things have changed. People aren’t like that anymore. Yes mother, no mother. I’ve got to fight things out for myself; make something of myself.” Anne’s mother knew she was a little standoffish, but never knew she had felt that way. Anne Frank didn’t usually take much from people without standing up and giving a few words about it. Anne also had some other sensitive, caring sides to her.

Anne Frank had a lot of care and sensitivity in her. She would give the shirt off her back to someone if she thought it was necessary and reasonable. There were many changes while Anne was in hiding, such as new people. When Mr. Dussel came into hiding with the Franks, many adjustments needed to be made. Mr. Dussel needed a place to stay, so Mrs. Frank asked Anne if he could stay in her room. Anne’s response was, “no, no. Of course not, I don’t mind.” Anne was very willing to help and offer her bed because she knew the situation of Mr. Dussel. Anne tried to make Mr. Dussel feel right at home by being very talkative and outgoing with him.

Lastly, Anne Frank was very cheerful and outgoing. Whenever she was in...
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