Anne Bradstreet - Short Essay

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Have you ever read Puritan Era literature before? If you have then you know very well that all Puritan Era literature is alike in numerous ways. In this essay I will show some of the ways Anne Bradstreet’s writing is the same as other Puritan Era literature we have read. Featured in the essay will be figurative language, God, and the type of writing. The first similarity that can be found in Bradstreet’s writing and other puritan writing is God. Both pieces of literature constantly talk about how God is influencing them in some way. In Anne Bradstreet’s writing she says,” Thou hast a house on high erect, Fram’d by that mighty Architect.” She is implying that because she lost her house to a fire, it was really just going to heaven so that when she dies she will have a house already built for her in heaven. It also mentions, “Mighty Architect” which refers to God himself. In the story “Of Plymouth Plantation” they also use God. An example of God being portrayed in this story would be, “But it pleased God that he caught hold of the topsail halyards which hung overboard and ran out at length." This clearly states that they believe God had saved the man who fell off. This is how both pieces of literature use God.

Another element that is the same in Anne Bradstreet’s writing along with other puritan literature is figurative language. In this case both pieces of writing use figurative language to paint a mental image of what is going on. Anne Bradstreet uses this when the fire is spreading,” Then coming out, behold a space. The flame consume my dwelling place.” She paints the image of her house burning down and her standing outside having to watch the fire consume her house. The same thing happens in the story Day of Doom. Michael Wigglesworth demonstrates this in the first few sentences of his poem, “Still was the night, Serene and Bright, when all Men sleeping lay; Calm was the season, and carnal reason thought so ‘twould last for ay.” This paints an image into...
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